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The American Thompson Association (TATA) - How to Join

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The American Thompson Association (TATA) is an active group of Thompson collectors, dedicated to promoting knowledge of the history of the Thompson Submachine Gun.


The current leadership of TATA is as follows: (Elected August 2019)


President: Roger Herbst, board name TSMG28

VP: Frank Smith

Secretary: Thomas Hill

Treasurer: Phil Askew, a member of this board under the same name

Directors: Mike Wank, David Albert, (Others not yet listed)

Business Manager: Tracie Hill


Past Presidents: Tracie Hill (2006-2008), David Albert (dalbert) (2008-2010), Tom Davis (TD.) (2010-2013), Chuck Schauer (gijive) (2013-2016), Ron Brock (2016-2019)


For membership information please contact:

Tracie Hill
P.O. Box 8710
Newark, OH. 43058-8710
Annual membership dues: $40
Membership dues include a quarterly newsletter, and eligibility to participate in club organized events, such as the annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, sponsored by the Hill family. This event takes place in Newark, Ohio, usually during the 3rd or 4th weekend (Friday and Saturday) in July. The 25th annual All Thompson Show and Shoot was held July 22-23, 2016. The event starts on Friday, and includes member displays, a new member session, a lecture and/or show and tell session, annual Board of Directors meeting, followed by a range safety meeting for the shoot on Saturday. Saturday events include a Thompson target shooting competition at ranges from 50 yards, down to 7 yards, as well as a steel shoot, where two shooters engage an arrangement of 5 steel pepper poppers each in a two of three elimination match, bracketed down to a final match winner. A free shoot is also featured, followed by a banquet Saturday evening, and a final couple of hours at the Thompson member display site.
TATA often participates in collector displays at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, which are held in cities around the country each spring. TATA has won the NRA "Best Display" trophy for its displays 6 times since 2006, and its displays are consistently the top draw among the collector displays presented to the many tens of thousands of attendees. TATA has also displayed multiple times at the Michigan Antique Arms Association, and the Ohio Gun Collectors Association, and key elements of TATA displays have been featured at meetings of the American Society of Arms Collectors (ASAC) by TATA members who are also members of ASAC.
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On 8/20/2023 at 4:40 PM, MP_Brasil said:

I want to join TATA, how can I do that?

Do you have an email I can contact?


The membership application is attached in this post a few posts up from yours.  I believe you are not in the US.  Send a private message to member Taliaferro and he can help discuss options for newsletters for overseas.  If you have any questions or issues send me a PM.



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