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Thompson Club Newsletter Files - TATA Legend Volumes 1 to 24

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This post will serve as the place to download pdf files of TATA and TCA newsletters. I have completed links to the first 24 TATA Legend newsletters, and plan to add a list of features within each newsletter as I can. This project will probably take a while to complete. I've decided to post the newsletters in blocks of 24 or so, in case a thread corruption issue should occur...Then I will have less content loss, and be able to recover it more quickly.

TATA Legend, Volume #1, 1st Quarter, 2006
Features: New Organization Announcement, Fed Labs Thompson/Tear Gas Case, West Hurley Two-Hole Actuator Slots, Savage Inspection Gages, French Thompson Manuals



TATA Legend, Volume #2, 2nd Quarter, 2006

Features: Indian Motorcycle Mount, Evelyn Thompson Adams Obituary, Italian Thompson Manuals, Inspection Gages, FBI Pins. Drum Information, West Hurley Two-Hole Actuator Slots and Actuators



TATA Legend, Volume #3, 3rd Quarter, 2006

Features: Dark, Two-Cell Web Magazine Pouch, Other Web Pouches, Cornell Publications Reproduction Manuals, Tom Pendergast Memorial, 1922 Tenefly Demonstration, TSMG Blank Adaptor



TATA Legend, Volume #4, 4th Quarter, 2006

Features: 15th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Shooting the SVDM Guns, George F. Cake Company



TATA Legend, Volume #5, 1st Quarter, 2007

Features: British Thompson Pamphlet, Tiffany Thompsons, British Prototype Canvas Breech Cover, Letter to the Editor about 1st Thompson Shoot



TATA Legend, Volume #6, 2nd Quarter, 2007

Features: Turkish Thompson Trigger Frame, Prototype Shot Magazine, Russian Field Manual with TSMG, Member in Iraq



TATA Legend, Volume #7, 3rd Quarter, 2007

Features: 2007 St. Louis NRA Convention Display, Bonnie & Clyde - 40 Years of Machine Gun Magic



TATA Legend, Volume #8, 4th Quarter, 2007

Features: Tom Woods Memorial, 16th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Jerry Prasser Cases, Reproduction Crosby L-Drum



TATA Legend, Volume #9, 1st Quarter, 2008

Features: Lucky Lady Movie, West Hurley Semi-Automatic Thompson Model 1927A1 #153, Motorcycle Mounts, Paratrooper with Tommy Gun Patch



TATA Legend, Volume #10, 2nd Quarter, 2008

Features: Mon Film, Juliet Thompson Debnam Obituary, 4-Cell XX Magazine Pouch, Canadian Small Arms Training Addendum, Serviceability Chart, The Tommy Gun In Action, End of Availability of Thompson: The American Legend, 10mm FBI West Hurley Thompson



TATA Legend, Volume #11, 3rd Quarter, 2008
Features: NRA Louisville 2008 - Dr. Calvin Goddard: CSI: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, West Point Museum, West Point Burial Plots of John Thompson and Marcellus Thompson


TATA Legend, Volume #12, 4th Quarter, 2008
Features: 17th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, A Real FBI Thompson, John Garand and Calvin Goddard NRA Mini-Displays, Kilgore Era Thompsons, Shoot Coverage


TATA Legend, Volume #13, 1st Quarter, 2009
Features: New Thompson Book Update, "NRA: Louisville to Phoenix," by Ron and Kelly Brock, Thompson Display in Britain, Colt Thompson Serial No. 41, Argentine Colt Thompsons


TATA Legend, Volume #14, 2nd Quarter, 2009
Features: King George Shoots a Thompson, Combined Operations Patches, British Soldier Loading L-Drum, The Ultimate Thompson Book


TATA Legend, Volume #15, 3rd Quarter, 2009
Features: FBI Tracer Photo, Phoenix NRA Display: John Garand & the 1,000,000th M1 Garand, TUTB Outtakes, Warning About Steel Cased Ammo in Thompsons and M1 Carbines


TATA Legend, Volume #16, 4th Quarter, 2009
Features: TATA Adoption of Thompson Reproduction Item Marking Standard, 18th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Alden's Department Store 1965 Catalog of Gun Toys


TATA Legend, Volume #17, 1st Quarter, 2010

Features: British Home Guard Manuals and Magazine Pouches, Thompsons with AK Folding Stocks, Leather Thompson Gun Case, Swedish Thompson Manuals, British Inspection Marks, Airsoft Model of 1928


TATA Legend, Volume #18, 2nd Quarter, 2010
Features: "East Side" Thompson Seizure Photo, Member Michael Curran in Ireland, Home Guard Instructions, J. Edgar Hoover's Pistol, Thompson Serial Number S214NAC, Package Machinery Company WWII Ad


TATA Legend, Volume #19, 3rd Quarter, 2010
Features: 2010 NRA Charlotte Thompson Display - Internal Views of the Tommy Gun, Churchill Thompson Article by Tom Davis


TATA Legend, Volume #20, 4th Quarter, 2010
Features: The 19th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, Reproduction Thompson Item Lecture, Displays, Shoot Photos, Numrich Arms Sportatorium, by Tom Davis


TATA Legend, Volume #21, 1st Quarter, 2011
Features: Philadelphia PD 1937 Thompson Car Shooting Photo, L.S.A.A. Marking on M1A1, U.S. Navy Model of 1928 Serial Number 13184, by C. Michael Shyne, SVDM Article Guns Magazine 1965, "Gang Guns," by Calvin Goddard, Another "Irish Sword" Found, by Michael Curran, Philadelphia Police with Thompson in Vintage Lubaloy Ad


TATA Legend, Volume #22, 2nd Quarter, 2011
Features: U.S. Marines WWII Coloring Book, Commando Arms Ltd., Swedish Thompson Article Accolades, Auto-Ordnance of Greenwich, CT Tool Division, Irish Swords Auction, by Michael Curran


TATA Legend, Volume #23, 3rd Quarter, 2011
Features: NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh - The Machine Gun Designs of John Browning Display, Thomas Fortune Ryan's Art Collection Auction


TATA Legend, Volume #24, 4th Quarter, 2011
Features: 20th Annual All Thompson Show and Shoot, SVDM Guns, Displays, Shoot Photos



David Albert



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  • 6 years later...

Just received Volume 70 in the mail, thankyou Tracie and all the contributors. I always look forward to reading "The Thompson Legend", when it drops through my mailbox.


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Just received Volume 71 in the mail, thankyou Tracie and all the contributors. 

Really enjoyed reading the report written by George O. Fisher dated Jan 1921. A well travelled man demonstrating the Model of 1919, and I was sorry to read about his untimely demise. 


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