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Underwood M1 Receiver Marking Question

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Does anyone know the meaning of the "W' And "A" stamp on the back of this Underwood Receiver? As I understand the "T" was a designation of an outside contractor that supplied Underwood with receivers. This was a 2.4 million serial number range gun with a undated Winchester barrel and a lot of other Winchester parts. Also had a early barrel band without bayonet lug. The seller at the show was nice enough to let me take this one photo and is the only one I have of the gun. Thanks in advance for your help.


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The "T" is the code for the company that made the receiver for underwood. Don't remember the name of said company and to lazy to look it up.

The "WA' means Winchester assembled. If you disassemble your carbine I think you will find every part is stamped with a "W".

Underwood sent the "T" receiver to Winchester and Win assembled it with Win parts.

Quite a nice find. I owned one of these years ago.

Jim C

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Thanks Jim and Dave for the reply. Can either of you recommend a good reference book on the M1 carbine? I had one by Larry Ruth years ago but can't seem to find it anymore. Thanks again, John

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David was correct on the Intertype manufacture. According to my book they are rare receivers on the Winchester carbines and appeared on SN 5,804,000 range.



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Larry Ruth's books are available here. Skip the earlier volumes and just buy III which has all the material from the other two books in it.


That’s inaccurate. III updates I and II, without the previous versions III won’t make sense. It reads like this "Add on page 741.....", so if you don’t have the other books it’ll be nonsense.

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