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British WW1 Cogswell & Harrison Flare Gun & Questions


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Good afternoon! I recently came into possession of what I believe to be a 1916 Number 1 Mark 3 manufactured by Cogswell and Harrison.




Ain't she a beauty?


It doesn't have the blunderbuss-like thing at the end (which, if I recall, was added due to burns? I guess i'd better get Nomex gloves).


According to my (admittedly very cheap) electronic calipers, it's in roughly 26.5mm (which is a bit bigger than the listed 1" caliber), can I fire regular 26.5mm flares and rocket flares out of it?


If not, what ammunition can I fire out of it and where should I look for that ammunition?


Additionally, anybody have a guess at what it's worth?






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You do indeed have a Cogswell & Harrison No1 Mk111 one inch signal pistol. THe bell mouthed barrel extension did not come along until the No1 Mk111* came along which has a safety stud so that you could not open the barrel with the hammer cocked. Some Mk111 guns were retrospectively fitted with the barrel extension.


I keep a data base of serial numbers for these WW1 British signal pistols. do you mind if I ask what the serial number is please?


You can PM me if you prefer.


Cogswell and Harrison made about 75,000 of these No1 Mk111 pistols, for what its worth.




Alan David


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