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Gun Ring Sight Type B13

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Hi everyone,. I'm new here on the forum and this is my first post.


I have had this sight for years now and finally decided to try to find out anything I could on it. It was in a jar of miscellaneous stuff from my grandfather.

The lettering on it is as follows: SIGHT, GUN RING, TYPE B13, 43-14533P


Any help on what it could be off of, and when it could be from will be greatly appreciated.







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One of the WW2 USAAF rear sights that mount to the gun mount itself rather than to the 50BMGs top cover like the B-11 , B-11A , or the B-15 . I'd look at dual gun mounts first , maybe the back of a divebomber for example .


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Thanks, that makes sense when I looked up dual mount AA guns. Although the sight I have seems smaller than most pictured. The ring is only 1 7/8 inches across. I'm guessing that it could possibly be from a dual .30 setup? Possibly in a bomber?


Thanks for the reply Chris.



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It's for a single flex mounted .50 cal. The front sight it is paired with clamps on the barrel jacket. The mounting holes look to be about 2" apart and as there are no similar holes on the .50 top plate, I assume the sight mounts on an E-11, E-12, or similar shock absorbing flexible adapter.






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Thanks! How did you ever come up with the info? I spent a lot of time trying to Google everything related to it, but could never come up with anything.


Do you know what years it was used?


Thanks again,


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As I like to say.....not everything is not on the Internet yet. Sometimes you have to consult old dusty books in the den. The parts are originally from the Army Air Force but the images were scanned from a May, 1944, 450-page USN Aviation Ordnance Equipment Catalog, Ordnance Pamphlet 865.


While the Navy liked to develop and source a lot of their equipment within Navy channels, they also borrowed technology from the Army and other sources. Many gun mounts were unique to Naval ships and aircraft but Army ones were used as well as was the .50 cal. M2 Browning MG itself, which was an Army development.


I'd bet the usage didn't extend much beyond WWII. By mid-war, they had developed numerous illuminated, projected-reticle type sights for flexible guns that were superior for leading fast moving aircraft. Then again, open ring sights could still be seen on aircraft mounted machine guns during Vietnam and after, so who knows? Just not likely to be this exact type. Glad I could help.



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sorry to resurrect this old post but I was wondering do you still have this sight and would you be willing to sell it? 
it’s exactly what I need! I have an E-11 recoil adapter for my .50cal. 
It’s quite a specific type of sight that only goes on the E11 and the E12 adapters. Here is a picture of my E-12 cradle. 


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