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Underwood M1

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I am looking for a M2 for my next purchase, I looked at a Underwood M1 with a very dark M2 stock which looks like it has been in battle, the slide and selector look newer, my question is would this be a military conversion or civilian sometime before 1986? If it was done at the factory would they have changed the M1 stamp to M2?

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I would say the odds are very likely the conversion was done by civilians prior to 1986.

The dark stock may have seen combat or seen abuse but it likely had a difference barrel and receiver in it at the time.

Don't get too hung up on parts that could be changed in less that 60 seconds in 70 years.

If you want a real C&R M2 carbine look for a Inland in the 6,900,000 serial number range and higher.

Jim C

PS you could do a Freedom of information search, but only after you buy it.

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If you can, take a look at the specific NFA tax stamp. It will list the specific registered M2 part, (usually) and who did the conversion. There are many legal paths on obtaining and possessing a legal USGI M2 Carbine or Conversion. In other words, the BATFE and NFA rules regarding M2 Carbines are very complicated and perhaps non logical. There are many gray areas. That is the way it is. There are many good M2 Carbine Forums. This is one of them. The Internet is you friend. I for one like researching this stuff. Always something new to learn. Respectfully.


All Oregon State, US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.

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you probably want to do some basic research on who, what, where and when the M2 was made. that will hep you understand what you are looking at. C&R vs transferable, "registered part" vs registered receiver. Only Winchester and Inland made original "factory" M2s. the US govt put out a kit for local armorers to convert whatever they had laying around, and the rebuild arsenals installed more of them. Prior to 1986, any hunyuck with an M1 and parts could make and M2. AND the Reese brothers at Springfield Armory made a ton of M2s out of any M1 carbines they could get a hold of prior to 1986. The book "War Baby" is probably the best book on the subject, and if you are planning on dropping the money on an M2, you will eventually want it anyway. Buy it now, read and learn.

the gun above you describe could be anything from a C&R transferable to a parts kit assembled by billie Bob in his muffler shop. the transfer form can tell you some things, but you won't know what you dont know.......


Ask questions and listen - these boards have a ton of smart experienced people on them, :D

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