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US Navy Life Raft Flare kit MK4

Got Uzi

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I purchased at a local gun show last weekend a box of misc WWII US Navy survival items. There is a flask with various items in it, a tin with tablets inside for nourishment, a sealed box dated June 1943 that says it contains a signal flare device and 6 flares, plus another flare launcher and loose flares. Upon inspection it turns out the launcher is a MK4 signal flare launcher used in life rafts for the US Navy. The loose "cartridges" are marked "Very Red" and "Tracer" I fired 4 of the flare rounds and they still work great, and one of the tracer rounds. The tracer round went off but there was no illumination just the noise. Can anyone tell me what the tracer round is or was used for? I have a couple of the flares left and one is still sealed inside its little plastic tube. Value on these items? Possible to purchase more of the flares?

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