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Firearms records recovered from Little Bohemia?

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" When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer " . Some of the youngsters on the forum may not appreciate this.


OR, if you are from Wisconsin and know Point beer. " When you're out of Point, you're out of town "


I remember Schlitz well, my Dad having cans of it on ice on the back patio in the middle of a scorching Iowa July. I was allowed to have a cold taste once and awhile.


What firearm records...... I have drank a Hamms beer at the Little Bohemia bar. ( BTW, the bar area there was built in 1936, post Dillinger days )

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I know it's been a Minnesota Minute since anybody posted in this thread, but just something I wanted to chime in with. Even the G-Men who arrested Kelly used Thompsons with horizontal foregrips. Interesting? Mmmmm...maybe not. It's certainly not the only picture I've seen of G-Men wielding Thompsons in such configuration. Just thought I'd mention it.






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Colt Chopper,



Dillinger probably doesn't have it attached but it was recovered in Lake Michigan with the gun and other items right after He was killed. I cleaned the Porter County Thompson #7387 about 2 years ago and did a 2 hour video on it which I have not posted anywhere yet. I have a several inches thick notebook of information on the gun and a lot of events surrounding it including Little Bohemia and the subsequent FBI investigation to identify the owner of 7387. The SA who was handling the search was Samuel Cowley. I have to wonder if the reason the guns owner wasn't found is that He was killed only a few months after that by Gillis and no one picked up the torch ,so to speak .

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The pictures on the previous page from OCM, 3rd photo, is the German SMG a late MP18i or MP28? The German SMG seems out of place this early in the USA but it is obviously there.



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Those were the SVDM Thompsons I believe, the MP28 was there for some reason that I can't remember but this was discussed on another thread and identified. Gijive or one of the SVDM historians may chime here and clear this again. This was something to do with the Calvin Goddard research I think.

Sorry to be so vague.



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