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Reproduction "Reising Instruction Sheet For Cleaning"

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Please be aware that a previously unknown "Reising Instruction Sheet For Cleaning" that recently sold along with a Fed Labs Reising SMG case on eBay, has now been reproduced without any markings to indicate it is a reproduction. The only apparent difference is that it is a very clean copy, printed on heavy paper, while the original is a standard paper thickness.


Here is the auction number to the current "Buy It Now" auction on eBay. (Paste it into the search field on eBay)




Here is a photo of the original:




I would certainly prefer that reproduction items like this are printed with a name and date of reproduction in plain view, but I can't force this to be the case. The Reising collecting field has few reproductions. The best I can do is to bring awareness to any reproductions that we find. I would invite the seller, who I believe is a member of this board, to withdraw the current examples, destroy them, and reprint them with appropriate markings. That is what I would like to see happen. Again, I cannot force it to happen, and I don't begrudge the profit motive in reproducing these. I just think it should be marked for future generations who may believe it to be original, and will not have the auction text to refer to, which indicates a reproduction item.




David Albert



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