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1928 Tsmg Parts Kit

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I'm very close to purchasing 1928 TSMG, and I was wondering what recommendations people have for parts to have on hand in a 1928 spare parts kit.

I'd like to know what parts are necessary for routine maintenance as well as parts that are getting more rare to find.

I'd like to start collecting 1928 spare parts from the beginning and stock pile the parts that are most rare and difficult to find.

Also I'd like to find out what the best sources are for finding and buying such parts.

As always thanks in advance for your time and help. I truly appreciate it.



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This is a very broad topic but here goes. You shoud get a spare bolt complete with firing pin, spring, hammer and hammer pin and extractor. Then I would get a spare lower complete and a spare barrel like the one on the gun. A spare set of wood would not hurt either. Buy either Franks book or a technical manual for the Thompson. The military manuals are good as well. As for sources for parts you have Sarco, Northridge, IMA and maybe Inter-ordnance. They have some parts for the 1928 but not all. Ebay is also a source but do not expect to find a lot of good deals. You have a lot of competition on ebay. Sometimes this board is a good place to find parts either on the auction site here or from the members. Gun shows are a good place to buy mags but not to many parts anymore. Also check subguns, Sturmgewhr,gunbroker and auction arms websites for some parts. There are a few class 3 dealers around the country who also sell a few parts like Jerry Prosser recon ord and Keystone arms in PA. Well that is about I can think of but others I'm sure will have other ideas. Buy the gun. You will never regret it.
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Thank you for the very detailed response. That information is exactly what I was trying to find. I am going to start looking for those parts A.S.A.P.

I'm getting very close to finishing the deal on the gun purchase.

I'm just going over a few more details with the seller and my Class 3 dealer.

Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions. I really appreciate your help.


Stay Safe,



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