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M97 Takedown Trench Rear Sling Swivel Placement

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Has anyone ever seen a print or spec noted by Winchester or Ordnance Dept for the rear sling swivel placement on the M97 on original factory stocks or rebuilding program? I'm looking specifically for WWII takedown version variations. I was looking at photos of weapons with receivers marked with US or US and flaming bomb and there appeared to be variations when comparing different weapons even with the stocks having the inspector and crossed cannons cartouches. All appeared to have the correct Winchester swivel.


I understand these could be non-original with markings applied or other modified 97 rear stocks but it got me thinking if there is documentation as to where they were originally inletted.


If no documentation can any of you with believed original M97 take down WWII serial range trench guns measure from the heel of the stock, wood portion only not including the buttplate, to the beginning of the inletting for the sling swivel?


I would believe Winchester would have had a standard placement but maybe we can get a consensus!


Thanks for your input!


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