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BAR1918a2 Muzzle Brake


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Hi Folks!


David Albert said I could post my new muzzle brake for the BAR here, and would like to get some chatter going with other owners - shooters - collectors. I have a YouTube video under Hale Muzzle Brake that I think gives a good demo. The new shooter who participated in this should give you a good idea of how effective this is. I will ship one of these brakes to anyone on this board for $60 if you will give me a call at 919-741-1329 and ask for Harold. This is my first time out of the barn for such a venture, so certified checks or PMO's only for now.


I would like to get some chatter going with other owners and shooters, and anyone who has any experience with these neat-o rifles. Mine is a Group Industries assembled on a 1952 parts kit that I bought in 1993 from Southern Ohio Ordinance. I do WW2 impression with the Old Hickory 30th ID the NC NG that just celebrated 100 years service.



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Holly Molly Big Al. Thanks for the tech boost. This is my first venture into the Free Market. Never minded night jumps as I knew what I was doing and could plan accordingly. But this....!! very scary~! PS - My Demo Gal I have known since she was Three. It pays to be kind to kids~!


Thanks again (as a former member of Troop 1 Acton Mass "where the battle of Concord was fought in Lexington by the men from Acton" - capt Isac Davis - Continental Army



(Adios My Friends)


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