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MG34 Lafette


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Weve had this tripod for many years. I understand that there are not many out there. It is a combination of original paint and what appears to be a desert tan application somewhere along the way. It appears to be a 1940 manufacture date. It has the Waffenamt code marks on it. The original paint work is seen throughout the tripod.


The manufacturer marking appears to be a triangle with S562, Metallindustrie Schonebeck A.C. Date appears to be 1940. There are Waffenamt code marks on some of the small parts. Indicative of an early manufacture.


The search fire mechanism is a 1942 axx code of Linden & Funke KG, Iserlohn. Most likely an addition later on. The pads on the front leg appear to be worn or may have been a field replacement.


I might remove some of the paint on the main body to get a clear view of the triangle code. But, I can see it in some of the detailed close ups. I understand that obtaining a fair market value is difficult. Any input is welcome.







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I don't even think the pads are post war, they look home made.....too thin. I have one in a similar paint scheme and you'll probably find bare steel under the red primer. I don't think any of the paint is original at all similar to one here. I sold one a few creeks ago, Norski green I think and it went about 3K IIRC, had straps (not correct ones, but better than nothing) and nice correct pads. Search fire's never match. I'd put that one around the same amount for a quick sale. Could eventually bring 4k on ebay, but lose at least 10% in fees and it might not reach that. There was another at an auction house within the last year, but I forgot what it went for, but not out of line.


There actually are a LOT out there, they just don't change hands often. I have a couple, friends have several each, and lots to the guys with semi's and dummys. Demand is still high and until the glut of 42 tripods hit the market recently, those had been high as well. A pretty rare one sold recently for $4850, but it was a rare version and nice. HTH

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I read that some of the pads were repaired or replaced in the field. Might be the case here or the original pads were missing and were replaced by a previous owner.


Ill look more closely at the back side to see if I can find any markings.


I purchased this and a WWII MG 42 Lafette, from a guy back east about 15 years ago. I was looking for a Lafette for our PreMay MG34. He sold both Lafettes as a package deal. I do not remember the price right off hand.


When we take out the 34 on occasion, we usually set it up as a HMG on the Lafette.


We have thought about moving the MG34 from our inventory sometime in the future. Since PreMay 34s do not seem to move at the current asking prices. 9-9.5k, maybe 10k is realistic, not 12-14k for the MG only.



In time, selling them separately makes more sense...

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If I were you I'd hold off selling the tripod and offer it up to the buyer of the gun first separately as an option. Sometimes selling the gun by itself is harder since tripods are sort of a pain to find and might discourage a buyer given the choice between two guns, one with and one without the tripod available. Pre-mays are not that scarce, but one with the option of getting a decent tripod with it might seal a deal and you'd end up with the same money, faster sale? Worst case you sell the tripod later, and if priced right they sell pretty quickly....much faster than pre-may samples. I've been sucked into buying guns just to get rare accessories because the owner knew the gun was not so special so the deal maker was the option on the goodies.

The pad brackets/backing are likely original, but the pads were sewn through the holes in the metal so the pad and leather casing were easily replaced. And of course the pad assembly comes off very easily for refurbishment or swapping out. Someone was offering this service way back? HTH

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