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M2 Trainer/Cut away sold last night

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I was at an auction (local) where an M2 trainer/Cut away rifle was sold. Said "rifle" was cast aluminum and 3-4 times normal size. It appeared to me to be a correct and complete item, minus the magazine. It sold for $750, is that normal for them or not? I have never paid that much attention to stuff like this sell, but I have seen a 1919 and M2HB trainer/cut away "guns" sell for $1,000 plus. More for my own curiosity on this one.

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If it was in very good shape, no obvious negative issues, I'd call that a very good deal. The cost of that kind of item, meaning the large sized up models to train users is all over the board. Truly in the arena of ...its worth what someone would pay for it. We all have our collectible appeals, to some that kind of item is priceless.

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