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Chasing Dillinger book

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Some of you had asked about when Ellen's book was coming out, about Indiana State Highway Captain Matt Leach's hunt for Dillinger. Got an email from her , I guess it's in pre-publication or something. I think it's McFarland press, anyway you can look it up if you wish.

Both the authors, Ellen Poulsen & Lori Hyde, re long time friends and big Dillinger researchers.

Myself, Sheriff Ernie Hudson, Bill Helmer and others you may know helped out a bit on this. Dillinger was a massive thorn in Leach's butt, tormenting him with letters and phone calls, almost funny.

I haven't seen the book or anything but should be a good one -




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McFarland does a great job in publishing interesting books on very specialized subject matter, often about famous people. There books tend to be a little more expensive than the average publisher but you will also tend to find that the subject matter covered within can't be found anywhere else is in one volume.


I look forward to seeing this when it comes out. Sandy, if you are able try to find out if signed copies will be available from the author. I always like to have the personal touch whenever possible.



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We can see, Ellen has published numerous books on gangster stuff, " Don't Call Us Molls " was a fun one, Lucky L and a few more I think, She lives in New Your, Lori lives in Indiana, don't what they are planning for book signing, but we'll find out later.

Lori was actually able to fire one of the Dillinger Crown Point Thompsons- Good gal !!!


Side note: I actually got a copy of Ellen's book, "Don't Call Us Molls, the women of the Dillinger gang" signed by Ellen with Billie Frechette's pen !! How about that. Still got that one, museum didn't want personalized books I had-

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