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Square Actuator Slots

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OK I took two quick passes through Tracie's book, with no luck.

I am trying to determine when the squared off actuator slots were stopped

on the Colt's.

I know I have seen that somewhere, just can not seem to find it right now.

If someone knows where to point me or what serial # range they stopped, I would appreciate it.



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i never found it since i have seen 4,000 number with them and had a overstamp in the 3000 plus range with that feature and early markings,must have been a 21a they sent back for retrofit for the latest street option........a 28 navy............just think if they had flashlight's to hang on them,and laser's...........barf.....perish that thought........leave it alone.................you don't mess with a classic.............wink!! Ron


only somebody on the colt line or in a written directive would know for sure.........

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See Page 70 in Tracie's book. He states the change took place in the mid-3000 serial number range. Gordon Hergistad (page 4) and Roger Cox (page 5) state in their books the change took place at serial number 3500. Since the Colt Thompson was a mass produced item, I am sure this change at NO 3500 is not cast in stone. See Ron's comments above. Tracie has probably seen or heard of exceptions and that is why he uses the mid-3000 serial number range as the change point. While I am sure there are exceptions, I would bet there are not too many exceptions in circulation. Does anyone have a Colt Thompson that does not follow the "rules?"


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Doug Richardson had a post (started July24,2003) asking for help on sorting out different recievers etc. His last post listed the squared off (1st gen) actuator slot receivers as ser no 41-1999.


Might want to drop him a line and see if he has refined the numbers since.

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