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Reliable M2 Mags

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Try either Keep Shooting or Lucky Gunner. We have a box full of 30 rd mags made by either one or the other. Forgot which. A little bit lighter than a USGI mag. Work 100% through our trigger pak M2 Inland.


All Oregon State Laws, US Code Laws And BATFE and NFA Laws And Rules Apply.

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We have many of the "Korean mags". They weight about 4.6 ounces each. They came wrapped in brown waxed paper held on by an old tan colored rubber band. Oily finish. These work great. The have the bolt stop follower.


The other box full of 30 rd mags have a shiny black finish with no oil and weight about 4.1 ounces or so. No wrap. They have a no bolt stop follower. I think the lighter ones came from Keep Shooting but don't hold me to it.


Both work 100% in our trigger housing donor Inland. All Oregon State, US Code Laws And NFA And BATFE Laws and Rules Apply.


www.keepshooting.com Site will not link but should be enough to get you there.

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