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21 Barrel Replica From New 1927 Barrel?

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I was reading about the 21 replica that I am building, and noticed the barrel was threaded 5/8-28 for a comp, rather than the 3/4-28 on most newer guns. I guess the comps they installed (after the fact) were called model 1929( or type 1).


And - since I have a 16" new manufacture 1927 barrel laying around, I was wondering if anyone (PK??) can/has made these into a 21 replica. I think it cound be shortened to 10.50", turned down to .660 dia, the extra fins removed and reprofiled (thinned), and the 5/8 - 28 threads added. Seems like there is enough metal there to make it!


Does anyone have a print of the 1921 barrel and of the comp?



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