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New to me Amnesty Registered Rock-Ola M1 (M2)

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New to me Amnesty registered M1 (M2) carbine with original paper work. Neat gun. Has numerous Rock-ola matching parts including the barrel, bolt, , rear sight and stock lug. Haven't been thru the trigger group yet.


The gun was purchased back in the day for $17.50 and shipped for $2.50... set the original owner back a whopping $20 bucks! Came via the NRA out of Anniston AL.


It is currently in a M2 stock with matching HI markings. All in all a very good looking M1. The original owner Amnesty registered it in Nov 1968 and I have that paperwork as well.


9698 044.JPG 9698 048.JPG 9698 060 (2).jpg


9698 061.JPG 9698 070.JPG 9698 072.JPG







Rockola M2 Carbine.jpg

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Sold as an M1, then thoughtfully the guy registered it as a MG in 68! Wonder when he finally gathered up the M2 parts? I like the statement about how the sale is final and you can't send it back to the .gov for repairs. If it takes 6 months to process a form, I do wonder how long it would take them to do an actual repair on a firearm and return it?

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