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In the market for an 1897 that looks like trench gun. (price?)

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They are out there, but do not show up as often as I would like, it too is on my list, but will get around to it later. Heard they are or were big in cowboy action shooting. There is a reproduction made by Bull Creek Arms, though I do not know how well they run as I have never heard of them, but they are priced at about 1/3 of what you might expect to get for an original. If you do get one hope to read or watch a review.

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There is usually a couple built ones on GunBroker. A quick search shows a couple with bids in the $7-800 range and then some originals(?) from $3-5000. I've always wanted one myself as well.



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I picked up a norinco 1897 trench repro years ago and other than a shell stop screw falling out and having to be replaced [metric] it runs great, Im planning on using it Saturday at my cas clubs military match. Tinkered with the mag so it would hold 6 rds. Last year I built a Model 12 trench. It turned out nice and I use it for Wild Bunch matches. Dont know if you'd settle for a foreign or American copy but Ill bet given the Winchester trench 1897s rarity and sky high price they are a prime target for forgers. If its going to be used for competition Id find a copy or have one built, if its for a nice Winchester collection start writing zeroes with a big number in front. And do your research so you dont get got. Good luck.



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