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WTS: Assorted Vintage Gas Guns, Mannville, etc:

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I'm working on pix, my cam isn't cooperating well with me


anyways, here's the initial list:


25mm Mannville, decent original condition even has most of the decal left on the frame. $2950.00


37mm Hawk. These were the updated version of the Mannville. Like new with the carry bag $2500.00


Nottingham ARWEN. Yes, a 1970s English made one. Decent shape again. Smooth bore barrel so no DD tax. Comes with the experimental Heads Up optical sighting unit, a significant number of once fired shells and the English field and service manual. These use a proprietary rimless round with a .44 blank like the current SAGE guns.

Same basic gun remains in production in Canada with a number of modifications so parts are readily available

The Nottingham marked guns are early, saw heavy action in Ireland during the Troubles, rather rare on this side of the Pond. $2350.00


Federal Labs Gas billy. Pretty clean shape. Zinc body has a pleasing patina, Leather is solid. Not all beat up. Even has a nice supple original wrist strap. Picked it off the widow of a former Railway Detective. $370.00


Czech RV85 26.5mm rifle. Comes with box and goodies, never tried it out so as new. $825.00


Here's a real rarity:

Korean Sam Yang .68 pneumatic Riot Rifle. These were built off the .50 Dragon sporting rifles for use primarily in Asian prisons using hard rubber projectiles and are actually not really very less than lethal. Like 99% over all, just a couple light mars on the stock. Best of my knowledge like 3 were imported Stateside. $850.00


Feel free to contact via PM




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