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Make Your Pictures Better And Last Forever,Dont Use Links Solely

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Fellow Members, There Are A Number Of Photo Hosting Services That Are Free(Unless You Use Lots Of Storage) Here Are The Two Advantages.

1. You Can Post A Picture From An Auction And It Will Last Indefinitely

2. The Pictures That You Post From The Hosting Service Is Larger Than Many Of The Other Ways To Post Pictures Here


When You Use A Link For Example To A Gunbroker Auction, It Expires When The Auction Does. But If You Saved The Auction Pictures To Your Desktop, Then Opened The Hosting Service Like Imageshack Or Photobucket, You Would Then Upload The Pictures. Now They Are In Your Album. You Select The Links, Choose Forum Code And Post Them Into The Thread You Are Writing. The Pictures Will Show Up Nice And Big. If You Never Delete The Pictures In Your Album, They Will Remain On This Forum. You Can Keep Your Albums Private And

No One Will See Your Other Pictures.

If You Have Never Done This , It Can Be Challenging.

I Am Writing A Tutorial On This So If You Want A Nice Instructional,Send Me a Message and I will Send You

a Cookbook Instructional After I Have Edited It.Too Much Detail For This Thread
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The great thing about MGB is David gives us decent storage space. Images can be hosted directly on the site and then we dont have to worry about them going away. The only hiccup is that process seems to challenge some folks on various forums.


USMF for example has banned outside image hosting due to losing good info.



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