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Sten MkII On RIA

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Any thoughts?


Looks like a hodge podge MkII.


Magwell is MkI, machine bolt in the location of the selector, strange markings on the barrel. I am sure that a more knowledgeable person might see more.


Anyway, I could not get any information from RIA.


Theyve been wrong on weapon information before.


Figure on something that is supposed to be a C&R, they could at least give out the Form 4 box 4a information..

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RIA's descriptions run to lengthy hypo about the glorious history of the offered MG and a very often erroneous and incomplete description of the gun. Seems some aspect of almost every description is wrong. Erb 1917A1 is described as having 'green paint' on the jacket and the tripod is a 1917 example. Both wrong. Breda LMG, despite having the easily seen information on the gun, Gobierno de Costa Rica M35 7MM, a Coast Rican contract LMG, is labelled a 6.5 Italian issue gun. Plus, it is noted that the magazine cannot be removed from the gun and there is a mag lying right near the gun. There are many other incorrect, incomplete descriptions. Buyer beware….

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Just had a look at the STEN, the mag housing is a Mk2, Mk1 doesnt have a plunger to lock it in place and you can see the Roman Numerals MKII. They were never marked Mk2 as by the time Roman numerals were replaced, the Mk5 was in production. So the MkV became Mk5.


The barrel marks are normal. The serial number and centre punch were often placed at top centre to align the barrel with the sights every time it was reassembled. The only real issue I can see (missing change lever is an easy fix and probably removed to make it semi only, why I dont know) is the big crush to the back of the left side plate where it meets the head. Looks punctured.

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The 7.92mm Mk1 Bren is rather nice too! They obviously dont know to much about it or the model, I like the statement that it had 200 1 on the left side of the butt slide. I think it should be obvious that as its next to the selector lever its 20 0 1 for Auto Safe and Single.
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Thanks for the replies.


Their response:


Barrel marks, Broad Arrow and 0906 LANT- 4.


British military in box 4a.


The SN begins with an S.


I checked in the big Sten book and I do not recall seeing any MkII SN beginning with that prefix. The MkI did.


Anyway, could be the Sten version of an overstamp. It also stated that the mag housing between the I and II are interchangeable...




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LANT-4 is actually PLANT - 4 , the machine that made the barrel and is correct for the manufacturer S298


British Military in box4a - not a clue, never seen British Military marked on anything so probably applied much later.


The Serial number isnt the original and could be from the lost number series applied when the original number became so faint/worn, it was given a new serialised number which if I remember correctly was something like SAxxxx. But that was post war so could have been in the format SAxxAxxxx. Doc may know for sure.


The Mag wells arent interchangeable as such. The Mk1 well would have rivet holes where it was riveted to the body and would be lacking the lug for the plunger and the slot for the plunger guide. Also no hole for the plunger to pass through to lock into the body. Comparing my Mk1 to my Mk2 guns shows the Mk1 housing circular tube piece to be slightly longer than all of my Mk2s including Long Branch.

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