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Rusco UD 42 Mag Pouch

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Id love to know more, if you know more about these pouches. I have seen one or two of them, however not with the UD marking. I would venture to say the UD marking was added later, not by RUSCO. Do you have more details.


In my mind, this pouch would predate a UD42 and therefore originally been for commercial Thomson use, but would love more details if you have firm evidence



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You can find these pouches in France and Belgium and i am pretty sure they were dropped with the UD's. Like Ron, i do also think that the UD marking was been added later on

Now i will also have to check if a 20 round Thompson magazine will fit in these pouches , i think not. My mag pouch is lying well stored in a crate. Can you check this Larryhimer ?


By the way, i got a brand new UD42 today, it was found in Belgium

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