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Wtk: Original Sling For Savage 28a1

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Hi guys,

I am looking for an original WW2 sling for a Savage 28A1, which should be a yellow M3 if I understand it correctly. Anybody know where to find one and the going rate?



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The WWII dated 1928A1 manuals lists the M1923 sling in the section on accessories. However, the pictures in the manual (that show a sling on the gun) are M3 slings. I have seen actual pictures of soldiers in WWII combat zones using both the M1923 and the M3 slings on Thompsons.

Some have said that the Kerr sling was used on Thompsons in WWII as well. I haven't seen any pictures to confirm this. The Kerr sling would look identical to the M3 in a picture unless you could read the markings on the sling hardware of the Kerr sling. (I have also heard that the Kerr slings were originally produced for commercial sales. Could this be the sling that Auto Ordnance would have shipped from a catalog order in 1929 - 1936 for $1.75?)

Sarco had some of the M3 slings awhile back and there are always M3 and commercial Kerr slings on ebay for unbelievable prices.

I had been looking for a M1923 sling for several years and just recently found one dated 1942. Mainly wanted a M1923 sling simply because it is listed in the accroutrement and accessories section of every WWII Thompson manual for all models. The M3 and Kerr slings are much easier to adjust and to remove.

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just conversed with i.m.a. in jersey,they had the slings awhile ago all sold out........said maybe,just maybe a few used one's later on in the year.no price tho!!!


got one coming in with the savage.am changing the grip,so will keep the sling as a wall hanger............you will find them,they are out there..try sarco or northridge.......


heck you would think a sling would not be too hard to find they made a million of them. take care,ron

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After adoption, the Kerr sling carried the nomenclature of sling, rifle, M1917, and was procured in large numbers, seeing extensive service mostly with the US M1917 rifle. As large stocks of this sling remained on hand after WWI, it was later issued as substitute standard for use on the M1928A1. It is perfectly correct for your gun, and is one heck of a lot easier to live with than the overly complicated and bulky M1923 sling.

During WWII, the M3 sling was produced in the mustard yellow color when stocks of the M1917 sling began to run low. This happened after M1 and M1A1 TSMGs began being issued.

The M3 sling has polished steel buckles and fittings while those on the M1917 sling are of nickle plated brass. The M3 was produced again post war in a dark OD color with phosphated steel buckles.

I'd consider the WWII M3 sling to be "most correct" for the M1/M1A1 TSMGs, and the earlier khaki M1917 sling more appropriate for the '28A1. Either sling could have easily graced either gun at some point in the later war years.

I prefer to use the M1917 sling on my '28A1 because the brass buckles do not damage the sling swivels. The khaki color looks really sharp on the gun, as well.

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I've seen 'em both ways, as well. Because of the sliding keeper, it's impossible to seperate the two straps. I wonder if some soldiers simply bent the ends of the wire loop far enough apart to remove it? Then the "short" strap secures to itself and doesn't rattle.

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