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Helpful M1/M2 Carbine Links

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Based on Jim C 351's prompt, I'm pinning this post as a set of useful links for M1/M2 Carbine enthusiasts.


I do not vouch for the accuracy of content on these sites. The links are provided as a convenience, and my suggestion is for any data to be compared to other reliable published sources.





The first link is useful for determining which parts were originally present on an M1 Carbine. You must enter a manufacturer and serial number to return data from the tool.





Carbine Club


The following site is a wealth of information on all things Carbine, and is the site of the Carbine Club, which used to publish its information in newsletter form up until 2015.




The Carbine Club forum is at the following link:





Carbine Club Data Sheet


This is the standard data collection tool for reporting the specific characteristics of any Carbine.





How to Fill Out a Carbine Club Data Sheet


This is a very useful how to site about filling out the Carbine Data Sheet.





U.S. Militaria Forum - Firearms & Ordnance


Charlie Flick is a moderator in this forum, and he is also a member here. He runs a polite forum that often has Carbine content.





CMP M1 Carbine Forum


I include this forum because it can be a source of relevant Carbine information, and was particularly good in the past, when the CMP had M1 Carbines in stock. However, I will say that it can be quite unruly, and a source of considerable misinformation, and one should vet the content appropriately.







This is another resource of forum posts on the M1 Carbine.





If you have other sites that should be included here, please send your suggestion to me at the e-mail address below.




David Albert






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