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WTB Portuguese FNM 8MM 70’s Headstamp Surplus Ammunition


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With David Alberts permission:


WTB 1970s Head Stamped Portuguese FNM Non Corrosive 8MM Ammunition. Will Purchase in Original Wood Cases or Small Lots in Boxes. Seller must have some feedback history on Gunbroker, eBay,Falfiles,etc.

Sellers may contact me with quantity and price @ dbrewer@brewermachine.com


Thank you,



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You are a couple of months late - I had about 18,000 rds of the Port 8mm for sale last fall, posted around the boards. Sold all I was not keeping, and it is gone now. It does op up - I ran into some for sale at a small local gunshow in JAN, but seller must have thought the brass was gold..... Priced about .90/rd. Shipping s the killer these days.

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