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Making frangible rounds with .300WM brass?

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Is there an easy way to form .300WM brass to make frangible rounds for the .50BMG?


Any recommendations? I have a growing amount of .300wm brass so I figured it would be an interesting project. Just trying to not break the bank doing it.


Thank you.

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I check with CH4D, they said they didn't have anything. He said that he had heard of people doing that and that he remembers them using loose shot to gain better accuracy. I expected nothing great for accuracy it just sounded like something fun.

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I posted a thread on thefiringline.com, maybe one of the guys there will have some info.


I remember there was a site that had a lot of info and offered supplies for sale. I'll keep an eye on the thread and if you want, come by the site.


Its in the reloading forum if you want to check it out.

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