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Parkerizing Vs. Du-lite For Thompsons?

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I am looking at an old Pre Sample M1A1 Savage that has a DEFINITE brown patina to it. The steel looks good and with no pitting, at least I can't see any in the pictures. I thought if I bought it that I would manganese phosphate it myself as I have done other SMG's but I believe the correct finish for WWII for these is Du-Lite. I have a Savage 1928A1 and M1A1 already that have the Du-Lite finish.


Any thoughts on how these two finishes compare would be appreciated! I understand from Tom Hoel that PK in CO can do original Du-Lite refinishing.



Darin Reiss


Haysville, KS


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I don't mind the shot out barrel because I bring a 1928A1 and a M1A1 to the Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber and Machine Gun shoot and Kearney, NE (If it still goes) and the oklahomafullauto.com shoots as rental guns. I just want a good enough deal to justify the work needed to bring it up.


Did you notice any dents in the metal?


Thanks alot for the information!



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An interesting sidenote is that I had a verbal agreement to buy this M1A1 back in February. At that time the seller didn't realize the gun was non-transferable. It was an innocent mistake. My local C3 dealer alerted me to this fact when I briefly described a gun I had found. Turns out he had been trying to buy the two West Hurleys that were being offerred along with the M1A1. As all three were shown together in the same picture, he remembered it.


I point all of this out because it illustrates how few of these guns are really out there for sale and why the prices keep rising. Because of the Internet, people from all across the country are shopping/bidding for a single gun. It's not, as Ron describes it, "Thompson greed". It is simple supply and demand economics.


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Regarding which is considered more corrosion resistant - Parkerizing or Du-lite:


As I understand the differences between the two, Parkerizng is more "flexible" hence generally more durable but it is somewhat porous and hence works best for corrosion protection when it has been oil impregnated. Du-lite is a type of "bluing" and thus "harder" and may be more susceptible to casual damage but provides corrosion protection on its own.


Cox, in his book on the Thompson, states that all WWII Thompsons were Parkerized. It is not clear if he could not tell the difference between the two (they can look similar unless carefully examined - sided by side in real life one can usually tell the difference unless both are pretty worn), if he only observed WWII Thompsons that had been reworked and Parkerized (his concentration was on the 1921 and 21/28 Navy guns), or if he merely did not know better.


I guess the qustion may be, Do you want your gun to look like new (Du-lite) or reworked from an arsenal (Parkerized)?


Best with your Thompson regardless of your decision.

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you know guys we are really all correct,i have been watching m-16's h$k's.even mac's go nut's,and i remember in 1989 i had my tables covered with all the model's of h$k's including one of freddies first> H$K 51 b


and i had maybe $15,000 out on the table..............now its more like $120,000.00..thats really sad........and when i sold my 1919 commercial colt bar...........the guy thought a king's ransom at $8,500.00............i'd give him $17,000.00 for it today...........and of course he would want $25,000.00


however i have had a good life...........so no complaining here..............since i got to own it all, shoot it all,and have it all.............and nope never had a french cho-choo..and never had any desire to own one.along with a type 99 or 100 subgun..............but i did like my little mat-49.........and as far as m-60's did the maremont deal back in 78-79 know all about those............and when i ran the ad to sell them at $3,750.00 they went like hotcakes, today at $25,000.00 ya can keep them............but i guess back in 79 it was something to own a 60......including the m-60e3.................


yep greed in all the m'g's today,and the beat go's on.......


wink!! take care,ron

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Hey, also, when you change the M60's barrel you loose zero as the front sight go's with it! we should have issued better GPMGS to our troops!
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