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Building a SA R75 copy

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Hello All: I am building a SA replica of the R75. The pistol grip trigger frame and stock are done, am working on the bipod , forearm and barrel thread protector. Does anyone have the correct thread protector? If not, I will make one.

What is correct size of threads on muzzle?

Thanks, BP

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After reading the comments about BAR muzzle caps (AKA thread protectors) I ordered one from Numrich, although I thought the threads might be metric in as much as they are noted as being “FN” and therefore not able to fit the US BAR. I got it in the mail today and it is in good condition and fits either of my rifles perfectly. These have always been hard to find (at least for me) and I made one years ago out of a US BAR blank muzzle cap.
Thanks for the information!

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