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Value Of A 1921 Colt, Serial Number 41?

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Thanks for the reply,

I would guess the same as you have about the amnesty - no questions asked could cover a lot of things.


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Ron,..#6444..you mean who swiped it,not who owned it,don`t you?...I know that number well cause I have #6422 and I figure they both were made about the same week...maybe the same day...I also was lucky enough to fondle a 3 digit Colt on saturday,man..you could shave with those cooling fins,you are right...they are thin on early Colts...sweet peice! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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All of the NAC Thompsons with Colt receivers I have seen pictures of have a late Colt production receiver. There are several differences between the early Colt receivers and the late Colt receivers. Changing a late receiver to an early receiver would be a very difficult, if not impossible task. Given the prices of Colt Thompsons in 1968, I can't see someone having an early receiver made up so as to register NO 41 and then just sit on it for 30 plus years. In addition, if someone was going to fake the receiver, then why not the lower. (But I will agree, anything is possible) Other Colt receivers besides the NAC Thompson do exist. Remember the Denmark NO 7886 - and there are others just like it that have no definitive explanation. Time will tell on this Thompson. One way or the other, it will make its way to the market. Hopefully, drbones will keep us informed.


While we are on the topic of NAC Thompsons, I would be interested in any serial numbers anyone has seen (or heard of) of NAC Thompsons with Colt receivers. Based on my limited research, I would guess the number is rather small. I am always looking to increase my knowledge in this area. Any information anyone has regarding NAC Thompsons with Colt receivers would be greatly appreciated.



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