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I'm hoping this will get some movement and sharing in the .50 BMG community as it represents a potentially dangerous situation. Under a specific set of circumstances, moving the fire selector from Safe to Fire results in a discharge of the weapon. I've illustrated it in the video linked below. Essentially, the sequence is as follows:


1. With the weapon on Safe, insert a round, and close the breach. Then move the selector to Fire, and discharge the weapon by pulling the trigger.

2. Move the selector to Safe, and remove the bolt and spent case, mount a new round to the bolt and close the breach. Now, when moving the selector from Safe to Fire, the firing pin will release and the round will be discharged without any trigger action.


Please let me know if you are a LAR Grizzly Big Boar owner and can duplicate these results (as in the video). Thanks!


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Unbelievable. It would be unacceptably dangerous on a .22 rimfire, on a .50 BMG I have no words for it.

I've been halfway thinking about buying a .50 and that one is now off the list of possible candidates.

Please tell me you've contacted LAR on this.

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StrangeRanger , if you have the funds , I would recommend a Barrett M82A1 . I've had 30-40 friends fire mine off of a bench with Talon Spotter / Tracer reloads and USGI Ball and not one has said it was bad and noone has turned down a second shot or more . This includes several light weight people , teens , and women . You will just end up having it set in a safe if it is not plesent to shoot .


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The autoloaders are completely out of my price range. I'm thinking more on the lines of a single shot. I've read very good reviews of the Serbu BFG 29" and the price is extremely attractive but I haven't seen one in the flesh. It may actuallybe a bit too light for comfort but the reviews all say the muzzle brake is exceptionally effective. The Armalite is also well reviewed but it should be called the Armaheavy; I just could not deal with the more than 30# weight. Ditto for the Noreen. The Barrett 99 29" is a very nice rifle and seems to have balanced weight/recoil/utility better than most of the competition. It's a bit pricier but they have the expertise to justify the price. There are a handful of small builders who make interesting looking rifles but I can find absolutely zero about them other than their web sites. None of the .50 uppers that fit an AR lower are even remotely on my radar.


If I were to make the unlikely step up to a mag fed bolt gun, I'd be torn between a re-barrelled Boys and a Barrett 95. No other serious contenders for my money.

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I would say send it back but they went out of business. The only place I would send it to that could possibly help is State Arms/Eastridge Gun Co.


They make shell holder type actions like the Grizzly. Has anyone done any type of work on the bolt? This is an issue for shell holders, no one should attempt working on them but the manufacturer!


In the past there have been issues with people getting hurt. Came back to the owners messing with the trigger/bolt and had the gun fire when they didn't want it to.


I wouldn't fire it until you've had it inspected by someone familiar with shell holder type actions. The last thing you want is a out of battery firing!

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