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I've found a pretty good deal on both a Barrett 99 and a Serbu BFG-50. The Serbu is a bit less expensive and the Barrett is way prettier but neither of those factors matter much in the long run. Anyone who has shot both have a recommendation based on accuracy, reliability, ergonomics, recoil, muzzle blast etc?

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Rifle, bipod and Pelican case, it came with 100 rounds of American Eagle M33 ball and 10 rounds of APIT commercial reloads


No scope but I've added a Vortex Viper PST FFP 6-24 x 50 w/ EBR2 MOA reticle in Barrett mounts.


Haven't shot it yet, still taking copper fouling out of the barrel before I add more. Soon, very soon. :)

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I haven't used that product before but as long as it removes the fouling from the barrel, keep using it.


I use Boretech Eliminator and Slip2000 products, BE works the same as GS but doesn't foam up. I also use a copper bore brush to help remove the fouling and carbon.


I know, it will give a false positive if you use copper or bronze brushes or jags. I still use them and stainless when I want to be sure everything is out.


The other thing I like about BE and Slip2000 products is that they condition the barrel by leaving a coating on the bore.

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Forgot to add, other then not having a scope, sounds like you got a decent deal.


Did the previous owner say how many rounds he fired through the rifle? Just wondering as you said that you were still in the process of removing fouling from the barrel.


I usually get it to a point that I'm happy with as it seems like you can clean it and then the next day, pull more copper or carbon fouling out of the barrel.

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