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Estes Adams Passes

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I recently learned of the passing of Estes Adams on June 20, 2019!!!

He and I usually had contact 1-2x per month, exchanging information, and had last heard from him in April, 2019.

I tried to contact his family to confirm, and to extend my condolences, but have been unsuccessful--- no response to emails, and his cell phone is "not in service".

As many of you that really knew him as I did, Estes will be really missed--- a true Swiss Arms expert and master craftsman.



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He was a decent man and loved to make small parts in his shop. Over the past few years he created a small pile of spares for Dutch AR10s and shared them within a small community of owners. Estes really wanted a bipod for his AR10 so I loaned him one that he would be allowed to disassemble and replicate. For him it was a discipline and a labor of love. Can you spot the reproduction?




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