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full auto needle


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does the alpine/paratrooper use the same needle as the full size bm59?


i see only 1 size needle for sale and i thought the paratrooper has a shorter spring. advice?


ill grab a needle as my gun is missing it, but i worry if its too long ill damage something



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Ive bought three E kits and none came with the needle. The one Alpini kit I bought had one.


Prior to answering your question, I did a little research over on Battletested.com. The consensus is that its not needed on semi only rifles.


However, some folks over there use them to help reduce of the bolt to help with feed issues. One member even uses one in his M1.


Your link to the Standard Parts needle says its not for the E model. You might contact them and ask your question there.


I put one in my E and it seems to work fine.

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