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Buying A 1927-a1

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Hello: Thought I would introduce myself [Dave] to the Forum.

I've always loved the Thompson, ever since I bought my first

one in 1960 - a Mattel cap-firing model!

I've now decided to "Take the Plunge" and purchase a SA

1927-A1 with the intention of making extensive modifications

similar to some of the beautiful guns shown on this Forum.

I'm hoping Paul [PK] will do the work for me - I plan on

contacting him soon - I'm lucky in that respect to also be living in Colorado!

The main reason for this post is to ask if any of the Forum members

have a '27 for sale, or know of one for sale other than those on the

Auction Websites.

Since I will be doing quite a bit of work on the gun, including new wood &

SBR modification, I feel a new gun is not necessary.

Also, thanks to you all for all the helpful information I've gleamed from the boards.

Dave DeJaeger,

Sedalia, Co.



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Welcome to the group. Buying my Kahr is how I began communicating with this board. They have a wealth of information for you, especially in your quest for enhancments to the gun. Just be aware that the Kahr usually takes work just to get it to shoot reliably. That said, it is amazing what some of the guys have done with theirs. After their modifications, some of the guns look very authentic to the vintage ones, at least from a small distance.


I'm not sure where you can just pick up a cheap Kahr. You might want to post a "wanted to buy" ad in one of the gun auction boards. Posting here is also a good idea, because several of our members may be going on to the Full Auto and may wish to part with theirs.


In case you haven't seen Jack's (grey crow) website yet, he gives a lot of information about his project. Good luck!



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Take a look around your local gun shows if your not interested in going brand new out of the box. I stumble across clean used ones from time to time here in Texas in the $800 range. Two weeks ago found a nice West Hurley 27-A1 at "Collectors Firearms" in Houston for $875..I think? It had a M1 style butt plate with the functional door for the oiler, and decent looking wood. It would make a nice starting point for your mods. Good luck and have fun with it!
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I wouldn't try to get a new or a real clean gun. if you are going to send to PK - If you go the full route, as I did, you will want to change the 27 lower to a 28. Then, the bug bites and you want to register it as a AOW and change the Bbl to the short Bbl. If you go the 28 lower route you will need a 28 butt stock and metal.


In other words you will only use the upper receiver and toss the rest. You shoud be able to find a 27, no finsih, bad Bbl for your purpose.

Its easy to get $1,500 into this type of job not counting the price of the 27.

Best of luck - I am not sorry that I spent the money. PK's work is outstanding. The finished project looks great alongside my 21, 28 or M1.

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It's been at least 20 years since my quest started.


Thanks for the plug Ralph.


I can't say I regret it for a moment. The board has been a blessing and a curse. LOL!!! It sure fuels the Thompsonitis Bug!


All joking aside though, I am happy with the Kahr 27A1, and very satisfied with PK's work. You wont regret the investment.


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I did find what I was looking for.

Thanks to all who replied & e-mailed me.

As Grey Crow says this board may be a curse as well

as a blessing, but I'm looking forward to much

enjoyment as a Thompson owner!


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I imagine surviving the wrath of the wives and/or girl friends would be the real challenge.
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LOL, Phil.


Well I guess its no more of a curse than any other hobby that one becomes obsessed with. Somehow one manages to acquire bits and pieces to feed their habit. I had the same disease several years ago with computers, honeybees, reptiles, books to name a few of the bugs that bit me.


The payoff is that its an escape from the rigors of life. Part of the enjoyment and at times frustration is finding and getting parts and collectibles for the Thompson.


Thanks to this board I've learned a lot, and have grown. One day it would be nice to actually meet some of the people that share their time and wisdom on line.

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I remember the old economics lesson I learned from my dad.

You buy guns, or you buy butter.


The Thompson bug satisfies this rule 3 ways:

1. I have the gun-literally!

2. It is a rare asset that appreciates in value

3. You get to enjoy it while it appreciates, like fine wine, art, coins, etc.


How can you go wrong with that?



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