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New to me M1/M2 Inland

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Just wanted to post a few pictures and let the experts take a look. This is a Inland 44 barrel dated transferable M1/M2 by Charles Erb. I have had a Underwood M1 for a few years and of coarse I like everything about it except it not having the fun switch. I can not find anything about Charles Erb related to the M1/M2 conversions, his name comes up on many other guns but not the carbines. This gun is in excellent condition and functions great. As always thanks in advance for spreading the wealth of knowledge.








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What info are you looking for ? Charlie "made" a lot of different guns pre-1986, from Maxims to STENS. The M2 is a simple conversion since the parts are just plug in. The gun was most likely an M1, SN can be researched to see when it left the factory. Rock Island ( Reese Bros) Made as many M2 carbines as they could buy from M1s. We made a few Post samples back in the 90s. Charlie made a lot stuff, so no way to tell much more than that.....

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