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Full-auto Thompson Rental

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Does anybody know of a range in Portland metro/other NW Oregon area that rents TSMG's? My preference would be 1921A/AC/28, but even an M1's better than nothing. (My best friend's transferring to a college in the Portland area, and I'm thinking combining visiting her and a trip to the range would be a kickass way to spend the day occasionally. Who knows, I may even be able to introduce her to the joys of full-auto...)


Another question: has anybody ever thought about compiling a database of Thompson-renting ranges on a day-in/day-out basis (ie, not special events like Knob Creek)? Or is there one already out there?


Thanks much!

nedry OUT

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We are just West of Portland, OR and have both an M1A1 and 1928 that we rent for $10/mag. We usually only rent at the big shoots, but can set something up at our test range on a case-by-case basis if someone is interested.



MGK Manufacturing


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