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Monitor conversion videos

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The conversion was all made by me, except the compensator.


I shortened the barrel, and moved the gas block back (all lathe work). The gas tube shortened. New piston made. The trigger frame had a metal handgrip welded into place to attach the wood. And of course an appropriate stock set. On other guns I have added the action cover from an FND BAR, but not this one.


Compensator is a reproduction but I'm not sure the source. I have made a copy of a comp myself but not for this gun.

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I tried. I am 6ft-1in/150. I nearly (really) fall over.


I have been considering that I need a bi-pod for FA, if such a thing exists for a m1918.


Obviously I would not have been a very good BAR Man.

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Hi Dan:

Very nice.

Have gotten my SA R75 running. Don't like the bipod, its very flimsy and prone to collapsing during firing, so went back to regular forearm.

I welded the pistol grip to the lower and made walnut grip panels, but they are the wrong contour. Unfortunately I copied the pistol grip from a polish lower cause I didn't know any better. Anyone out there who can make proper grip panels? Not savvy enough to post pics, but could emal them.

Keep up the good work.


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Yes Sir, Thats what I was asking, but have decided I like the ones I made, cause they have "character" and I made them myself from some walnut knife handles I got from my uncle. Sorry I wasn't more clear.

What I really am looking for is someone to replace the barrel on another BAR with a finned one I have.. Do you do that kind of work?

Am really busy with work, fishing and hunting, so only get online every couple of days.

I do appreciate your replys.



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