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Dry Firing 27's

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The new style firing pins in the Kahr 27A1 are prone to break from dryfiring.


I have always hear that dryfiring any gun (to much) is not good for it.

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I wince everytime I dry fire any weapon, but I remember in the army that we always had the hammer forward in our M16's while in the racks. Supposedly the constant strain on the springs with the weapon cocked weakens the springs. Consequently I keep all of my weapons in the fired position. Probably about 50-50 whether it's good or bad....both ways have their problems.


The statement about dropping the slide on an empty chamber in a M1911 is very correct...real fast way to break the extractor.



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I cringe when I see someone dry firing a gun. If not firing pin breakage then damage to the bolt itself.


Get a set of snap caps.

In my 27A1 with it's stock barrel they would stick in the chamber requiring a dowel and a few taps to drive them out.


A new barrel and rechambering fixed that.


The old style firing pins that AO used seem much sturdier. But I still wouldn't recommend long term dry firing of any firearm.


Just my .02 though.

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I want the best of best worlds, preserving the firing pin and preserving firing pin springs . I buy snap caps for everything, except my Thompsons. I squeeze the trigger and let the bolts ride home. I assume this helps the recoil spring, but it's probably bad for the firing pin springs because it keeps them compressed.
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