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The finished Lebman .45, select fire

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Thanks to Dan, Hans, Bill Helmer, and Sandy's help...I think I have the best representative reproduction of an original Lebman select fire .45 out there.


This has been a long project, started digging into it a couple of years ago with the goal of recreating a Lebman machine pistol as accurately as would be possible. It has features from a couple of different examples, as no two were completely alike and this one makes for a reasonable representation of what he would have been producing c.1933-34 for clients who wanted one. Aside from the subtle NFA engraving, it looks like it just came out of a dresser drawer in Chicago.



Here's a photo from the Ozark Machine Gun Instagram account:





Sure wish Sandy could have seen it.


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Thank you Sir! Sent you a PM on the Monarch...I was thrilled to find that. Bought it several months ago knowing that the machine pistol project was in the works. Would really like to find one of the curved Star magazines for it as well...

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The 15 round mags from sarco were reported to me to work initially on another guy's full auto conversion but after a while they quit .. I just found a 15 round promag I'm gonna try. I don't one tho the sarco mags were made by. I did try the 28 round Korean drum and it didn't feed right.
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