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Two BAR'S for sale on the net

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I am interested in the thoughts of the members on two BAR's First is a Winchester listed on Gunbroker #847825927 .Condition and current price? The second is listed at Autoweapons.com and it is a 1919 Colt #305-2096 and I emailed for a rice $79,999. Question …..Are the early 1918 worth that much more? At the RIA auction on 12-1 a Colt monitor sold for $115000

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With 1918 BARs Colts are the top dog, then Winchester, Marlin, with all other considerations included. The Monitor would bring a hefty premium due to it's provenance and scarcity. The pistol grip Colt BARs have been a source of fascination with some BAR enthusiasts for many, many years and at present I know of 5 1918 BAR owners who are converting transferable Marlins to the pistol grip variations. These conversions have been in vogue for many years. Original parts are difficult to obtain, of course, and will eventually disappear and, even now, a few are being reproduced. While not a fan of BARs, I've worked on and reactivated quite a few, but owning an FND BAR, I do like the compactness and pistol grip and other odd characteristics of that model. FWIW

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