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Arthur - Shipping Dates?

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Arthur where are you getting shipping dates- is there anything to reflect that the gun had been purchased when shipped?


I thought that I had everything written, unless I missed something.

Thanks for the information on 398

What date do you have for 4001?

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Arthur - I didn't see a answer to the question asked by 1921a? I am interested where the shipping dates are listed???
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Tracie Hill's book, The American Legend, also lists the Date Manufactured and Date Shipped for the early guns. I have never compared this data in total to the data in Gordon's but I would assume it was the same. Have you noticed any major differences?

In addition, Tracie's first book with Jim Bannan, The Thompson Submachine Gun, Second Edition, lists the manufacturing dates of many of the Colt Thompsons. It states the dates are shipping dates, but I believe the dates refer to when the guns were shipped from Colt (really delivered) to Auto-Ordnance as completed guns for sale.

Ron A. and 1921A - Hope this helps.


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There is some confusion between shipping and manufacturing dates. Since Auto-Ord's wharehouse was inside Colt's Hartford facility, it doesn't seem logical that shipping meant walking it from the assembly line to a storage facility. But in Hill's book, he even has the dates of manufacture later than the shipping dates, i.e., #457 the shipping date is 5/18/21, but the manufacture date is 6/9 to 7/16/21?

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