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WTS Beautiful Ithaca Auto & Burglar SOLD Pending Funds

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Here is offered a beautiful C&R eligible Ithaca Auto & Burglar, commonly referred to as the B model. It was built in 1926 on the Ithaca New Improved Double (NID) frame and shipped on March 21, 1927.

From the BATFE C&R guide list Ithaca, "Auto and Burglar Guns," mfd. by Ithaca Gun Company from 1921 to 1934, all original guns.

Note there was a BATFE NFA exemption approval for another Ithaca Auto & Burglar Model B, to remove that from the provisions of the NFA. This was for a specific serial number and not a blanket exemption. If one wanted to pursue such exemption on this firearm, it could allow such firearm if approved to transfer as a normal C&R, ie. no NFA approval. I can forward a PDF of those letters on that for reference but to be clear do NOT apply to this firearm as the shown approval is serial number specific.

I am looking for $4,250, plus any shipping and insurance.

For a comparable reference please review a recent auction of a similar B mode at RIA, in October 2019 that sold for $8,625. I believe attaching links to auctions are not permissible here so ask me for a link to the auction and I can share that.

This will transfer from a SOT FFL on an eForm only to your SOT FFL dealer very quickly. The NFA tax stamp from your SOT FFL to you is only $5 as an AOW.

Plenty of references available including the Sturmgewehr board owner.

Please PM me for contact information







Bottom Foregrip.jpg

Bottom Frame.jpg

Bottom Grip.jpg




Top Rear Frame.jpg


Top Front.jpg




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Bump with lower price

Thanks for looking

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