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FBI badge of the 1930s...*

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...Where can I find a reproduction fake metal FBI badge that resembles the ones that G-Men worein the 1930s??

.......I would like to mount it in my reproduction fake FBI hard case for my Thompson..... :)


........I've looked in ebay & all that, but did not find a full size one that was metal.......thanks.

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...Thanks Dave, I guess I'll get one of those fake plastic/kids badges.... ...


…..well,I found something simple and fun to stick in my hard case on;


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Yeah, I saw that one:> ...The Pinkerton Detective service, did they not go out of business well before the advent of the Thompson?

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The Pinkertons were involved in the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921 and in crushing numerous smaller labor movements up until the Wagner Act of 1935 took away their main revenue stream. There's no guarantee they used TSMGs but given the mine owners resources and the Pinkertons' reputation for ruthless savagery it seems possible if not probable.


Buy the badge, put it in the case. It'll make for a good story.

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Found a simple metal "US Marshal " badge to pin in the case..........I'll have to take a photo...

....Was it not the Pinkerton Security folks who failed to protect Pres. Lincoln that fateful night in April 1865..?

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Might also try contacting these people, They make a lot of the badges for local departments and Hollywood. Might have something that will work.



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