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L Drum Serial 120 On Evilbay

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I to noticed the slot for the clip in the back. Maybe the buyer can buy some clips from Merle after he gets the drum.

Murray, I'll start looking for some decent priced 20's and try to have you some by the show in August. Z3, who in their right mind would buy old duds just because somebody wrote a letter on their computer to say it was a original? Unless the rounds came out of the death car of B&C, they are just junk rounds.

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As of this morning the seller has not responded to my additional questions about the drum. In all fairness, he may be busy and has not had a chance to answer e-mails (I can relate to that). But with only a couple of days left in his auction I would think he would want to answer questions promptly. I resent the e-mail again this morning.

In my second e-mail to him, I did call his attention to the fact that there is supposed to be a retaining clip on the drum, where it should be located, the evidence that the clip was there at one time, and the importance of the nickel rotor in an original Colt drum. I asked him to confirm that the rotor was a bright metal rather than a blued metal and gave him some instructions as to how to determine this without disassembling the drum. (As he appeared to think that he had to be an "expert" to remove the front cover) I did this in a polite and helpful type of manner.

Yes, one of the pictures appears to show some bright metal inside of the feed lips. I'm not sure that what I am seeing is the rotor. It would be a very simple matter for the seller to confirm whether the rotor is blued or bright.


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QUOTE (Murray @ Jun 11 2004, 04:40 AM)
I am very  sorry guys but I was being dead serious with my prior post.

If we are in any way going to improve the quality of this forum, please take on board seriously what I have previously posted.

Photos of 45cal bullets are not really realative in this thread.

I will not criticize those who have followed my last post, but. Please have a close look at what I have said.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to intrude or devalue your thread. I think my point with the bullets was that the two auctions were being touted as maybe tying in with Bonnie and Clyde. Although the drum auction only intimates that it "could" have been used by B&C, Capone, etc., and the bullet auction has some grandson "proving" that B&C owned them. That was the connection to the "original" post. I apologize that I did not see that you made it a serious thread about the history of Thompson magazines, so I have deleted my posts about the auction itself, so as to improve the quality of this forum. Apologies again...



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Well as expected, eBay pulled it at the last moments. I have emailed the guy so lets see if he gets back to me. Or any one else. I'll keep you all posted. Oh if you want a $9500 lead weight, there is a M1 on sturmgwhatever. Made in 1986 so you know it needs work. Bit high if you ask me. But my opinion is nill right? It's almost as much as what I'm willing to go on a pony gun. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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Hey all this discussion on this particular gun may be a mute point now.

Our politically correct friendly cyber auctioneer evilbay has saved us from ourselves and vaporized the listing.

I feel so much safer now they have eliminated another source of those dangerous items, well maybe not.

I am more afraid we let them get enough influence to do that.

I myself refused to do any transaction on evilbay until very recently when some items I was interested in and had not found elsewhere became available. I still refuse to use paypal.

I always loved one post I read years ago from another firearm freedom lover stating that he felt evilbay was the world's biggest fencing operation.



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I asked for info about this - and requested to be contacted if evilbay did indeed cancel his auction.




Has anyone got any replys from this seller?


He is a jerk if he hasn't contacted at least one of the bidders about it, he only had a $100 reserve, and probably didn't have any idea what it would sell for. Now he lost his sale.... or did he?


Ebay sure sucks now.

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I asked this guy a question on the first day of his auction....he finally responded with this today 13 June.




Dear Ebayer


In the past week you tendered a question about the Thompson Sub Machine Gun Magazine Type “L” that I (toysorretire) had listed on Ebay. As you may have guessed, Ebay stopped the auction. For your information, the highest bid with over 48 hours remaining in the auction was $1,680.00.


I am still interested in selling the magazine. I will be accepting offers between now and 8:00 PM Central Daylight Time on Wednesday June 16, 2004.


I have the right to reject all offers. If accepted, the person making the highest offer will be e-mailed approximately 9:00 PM Central Daylight Time on Wednesday June 16, 2004.


The winner must send a Cashier’s Check in the winning amount plus $12.00 shipping, handling and insurance. That check must be received, at my home, within 5 days of your notification as having made the highest offer.


You must be a resident of the United States and over 21 to make an offer on this drum.


If you have any questions, please email me.


Thank you for your interest.






BTW....he never did answer my question...just wants the $$$...I hope he ends up eating it.




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Thanks for the info.


He is too greedy for me. I hope Mike's offer of $600 is all he gets!


If anyone gets a picture of what is inside this thing, I would like to see it. Probably won't be anyone from here.

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I sent him a 3rd request for photos of inside - no response. There is something we don't know - I would hold off offers until he responds to requests for information on the insides.
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