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Memorials In D.c.

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I just had the wonderful experience of visiting the WWII Memorial on the mall. The bronze reliefs along both sides of the entrance to the memorial depict a number of scenes commerorating different aspects of WWII life both at home and in battle. There are four reliefs of combat situations with multiple soldiers where the lead soldier is carrying a Thompson (a 1928 in three cases and an M1 in the fourth). The other soldiers were carrying either Garands or M1 Carbines. I didn't see any BARs, but it was 2200 hours, so I could have missed something.


The memorial is very tasteful and definitely worth the visit, though for me it is not quite as striking as the Vietnam or Korean war memorials. However, it does finally honor the greatest generation for their immeasureable sacrifice.


I also had the opportunity to take in the final tribute to Ronald Reagan. Even at that late hour there was a sea of people in front of the Capitol waiting to pay their last respects. That plus the commeration of D-Day this past Sunday make this a very solemn, reverent time in our nation's capital (something that doesn't happen too often these days). I was humbled by all that is going on around me and feel very fortunate to have been here at this time.


God Bless America!



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