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BM59E measurement and comparison


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I am trying to sort out a few questions on dimensions of an Original BM59E.

I know an m1 Garand barrel measures 24", the rear upper handguard is 9.5" and the butt stock is 29.5" overall

My understanding when Beretta started building Tipo 1 Garands in 308 they used a 24" barrels and full length wood.

Then with the Tipo 2 they shortened the 30-06 barrel (12mm 1/2") to 23.5" and rechambered it to 308 and also shortened the buttstock, upper rear handguard and op-rod 1/2" also.


My question is:

When Beretta built BM59E did they use 24" barrels in 308 with M1 length wood and op-rod or did they use shortened 23.5" barrels with shortened wood and op-rods?


I have a pre-86 Springfield assembled BM59E

It was built with a Beretta stamped and s/ned receiver.

Majority of parts are PB marked with the exception of:

Springfield 65xx-SA bolt

Springfield -9 op-rod (full M1 length) but has had the boss on side machined for the full-auto trip

Barrel measures 24" and is stamped Geneseo, IL 308

Buttstock is M1 length 29.5" and is new production with M1 style butt plate.

Rear upper handguard is 9.5"


I am trying to determine if the dimensions on mine match the original BM59E as built and exported by Beretta or if it is different as SA put together with what they had.

If 59E's were built to TIPO-1 specs then mine would match correct.

This also falls in line with another post of another 59E using the same barrel in this forum with a Nigerian stock on it and the stock fits which leads me to believe they were using 24" barrels when they built them also.


I originally thought mine was built by SA with a longer then original barrel but now appears to not be the case.


Any additional info would be appreciated

Pictures attached and also one with M1 Garand next to it for reference on length..












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Sorry for the VERY late reply - you'd probably have better luck on Shuff's Battle Tested forum, but all the BM59 boards seem to have died - ironically, there's more BM59 rifles and parts in America today than ever!

To answer your question, SAInc assembled a lot of 'E' rifles using standard 7.62/.308 Garand barrels, that appears to be the care here as your barrel has SAInc markings not the SAIU (Italian manufacturer) markings common on the 'E' parts kits.

How's that beast shoot?



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