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WTB 1918 BAR Magazines

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I have just acquired a 1918 BAR, with one magazine, and I know it will want to eat more than just one! The one that I have is not a "collector" and I am in the process of having it retro fitted to a Colt Monitor type model.


For me, it will be combination "shooter" and a "hanger" in my Great Room. I would like to acquire some 20 round magazines and at least two of the OOW 30 rounders that are presently "out of stock". Let me know what you have and remember, I am not acquiring for a Collection or Historical purpose...just something that is functional and will look nice. Please price accordingly. Please send email to "lonniejt@hotmail.com" or text me at (256) 679-0001. Thanks, Lonnie Joe

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All over gunbroker also. Prices have spiked a tad.


I have been buying for years but i try and find NIW at $25 and not in the wrap at $20.

If you are patient, you will have no problem finding at these prices when things calm down.


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