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For Sale: Bridgeport Auto Ord M1A1 - $20K

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Hello all!


David gave me permission to post an ad on this board. I promise I'll make whatever donation is normal for posting an ad. I'm working on posting an ad on Sturm as well but there is a problem with my account that we are working on.


Anyways, here is the ad:


C&R Thompson M1A1, serial number 737328. On Form 5


Very good condition. Runs flawlessly. Price includes shipping to your SOT or -03 ffl. 3-day non-firing inspection period allowed and if not as advertised, you can return for full refund of purchase price, minus shipping cost (you pay return shipping and insurance).


Following accessories are included: 3x30 round mags


The Thompson is from my father’s estate. He was a serious collector and this Thompson was one of his favorite pieces.


$20,000, USPS Registered Mail shipping included. 50% down will get paperwork going, balance due prior to shipping. Funds must clear prior to shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at PoormanaREMOVETHIS@hotmail.com. Additional pics on request.


First definite “I’ll take it” gets it. Not interested in trades at this time.


LTC Andrew Poorman (ret)

Portland, Oregon




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I told a friend in town about it.If he contacts me will give him the info.I have piles of stuff from all over now. But am seeing nobody with cash for same now.

Guess will have to wait out the madness now.

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My son Sam has some money but probably not enough for another Thompson, even a mismatched one. And like me he's fond of drum dumps in the '28s, so might just sigh at an M1A1, but yours is certainly in nice shape.

Like the rest of the world, we all took a financial hit when this Covid thing crashed the stock market a bit over a month ago.

He's known by a couple members here who we shoot with but he's not a member himself.

I'll ask him and see if he's maybe interested (I know he's had an eye on a couple other guns).

Meantime, if you can email me some more pics, I'll forward those to him.



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Most won't take any hit on stuff as everybody always tells me around here they bought it so cheap so no worries.


The worry is even if you are going to sell a nice Colt 21a Will somebody have the $25 grand to buy it.I think many in the past 12 months got some items they are sitting on and said darn wish i had that cash pile now.


Like i said not everyone has that issue. And i am sure with 30 mill out of work. Some will have a out of work or out of bizz sale going on now.


I missed the Bakers Square going out of bizz sale last week. all this pies. darn never again ha ha.I got some property might have to open a new drive in movie show.And can premier the good ones double feature WORLD WAR Z and And 1964 Last Man On Earth.



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This kind of looks like one of those guns that has the original factory finish.


The original finish on M1 and M1A1s was a Dulite blue, looks like flat black, but under strong light looks blue, the inside of the receiver looks blue. The barrels were satin-brighter blue.


M1 M1A1 Thompsons that were rebuilt were gray-green parkerized. An M1-M1A1 with an original Dulite finish is rare, most all underwent arsenal rebuilds after the war.

Most I have seen were in England, after the war they could not afford a rebuild program. Very often some of the acceptance stamps were applied after the finish was applied, if you look close enough. you can see bare metal where the stamp broke the finish.


That is a very nice M1A1, I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet, it is priced right.


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